Here Are The Other 15 Points Of Our 20 Point Checklist!

Did Your Agent...?

  1. Pawn You Off on A Less Experienced Colleague?-Huge red Ffag! Your listing agent should be the one that responds to you!
  2. Present You With An Average List vs. Sale Price Ratio- This is a great statistical measure of success.
  3. Remain A Seller's Agent Through All Offers?- You hired the agent to represent you, not the buyer.
  4. Let You Know How Many Homes They Personally Sold In The Last 2 Years?- Not a total for their brokerage, but them personally.
  5. How Much Money Will You Spend Marketing My Home?- A good Realtor spends at least 1% of the anticipated commission marketing YOUR home.
  6.  Know What Demographic Would Buy My Home & How To Find Them?- A good Realtor knows who wants to buy your home and how to target the marketing to find them.
  7. Provide You With Past Client Reviews?- You'll want to know what past clients say about the agent.
  8. Let You Know The Average Days On Market For Homes Like Yours In Your Town?- Good agents know this information and share it with clients.
  9. Present A Variety Of Mediums To Market Your Home?- A combination of traditional and digital marketing tools should be used.
  10.  Have A Personal Website Where Your Listing Was Showcased?- A robust website is a great indicator of the agent's ability to market your home properly.
  11. Give You Ways To Make Your Home Worth More Without Spending A Lot Of Money?- Great agents know what helps homes sell with keeping your costs to a minimum.
  12. Offer To List Your Home For Discounted Commission?- Any commission discount ensures that your home will NOT receive the proper marketing. 
  13. Have A Strong Presence On Social Media? Personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Accounts?- Social media has revolutionized the industry. Any agent that doesn't put time into learning the ropes in this sphere won't be able to properly showcase your home.
  14. Ask You To List With Them For More Than 90 Days?- 60 days is the standard minimum. Anything longer than 90 days is a big warning sign.
  15. Explain Clearly Why You Should Use Them Over Others?Great agents should be able to show you why they are the BEST choice to list your home.