Having bad credit can cost you over $1,000,000 due to higher interest rates, fees, and other unnecessary charges. From higher mortgage and insurance rates to higher car payments, bad credit effect every aspect of your life. Credit can even effect if you get hired for a new job or promoted at work as more and more companies are using credit as a factor in their hiring and promoting criteria. Dwellings partnered with Financial Educational Services (FES) in order to help our clients not only qualify to purchase a home, but to change their lives for the better. Great credit is the key to getting the things you want in life. We want to help you get them.

Get Started On The Path To Great Credit!

When we had the opportunity to partner with FES it was a no-brainer. Boyd Rudy one of the owners of Dwellings had personally used this company in the past and the experience was completely awesome. He had an unbelievable amount of dergoratory items removed from his report and saw a significant increase in his credit score. He went from a 580 credit score to 700+ in just under 6 months using FES service.  Since then, they have added a ton of additional benefits. Boyd's 21 year old son is currently using the credit builder program right now and went from no credit to great credit and multiple lines of it in just a few months. This program has worked wonders for 100's of Dwellings clients as well. We've seen 60-80 point increases in credit scores in as little as 45-60 days!

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Do You Want Unlimited Earning Potential? Want To Help Educate Others Regarding Financial Responsiblity?

Become an FES Credit Specialist with Dwellings...

Become A Credit Specialist With Dwellings!

Want to help others and make money running your own business at the same time? Then you ne...

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