If Your Listing Has Expired, We Can Help You Sell It

All too often, we see homes sitting on the market for too long. Often, sellers are confused as to why their home hasn't sold when others just like theirs have sold in a matter of days. Dwellings by Rudy & Hall specializes in selling homes when other Realtors can't. Just take a look at the homes that other agents couldn't sell, and what we were able to do for these clients.

Listed For 6 Months At $219,900 With Another Realtor; Dwellings Listed It For $245,000 & Sold It For $250,000!

11019 Melrose St. Livonia, MI 48150

Listing Expired With Another Agent; Dwellings Sold It For $5,000 Over Appraisal!

31193 Columbia Dr. Novi, MI 4837

Listed For 6 Months At $325,000 With Another Agent; Dwellings Listed & Sold It For $335,000 In Under 2 Weeks

9301 Peer Rd. Green Oak Twp. MI 48178

Listed For 1 Month With Previous Agent; No Offers Received. Dwellings Listed & Sold It In 1 Week With Multiple Offers!

18130 Country Club Cir. Riverview, MI 48193

Listed With Another Agent For $319,900 With No Offers; Dwellings Listed It At $335,000, Generated Multiple Offers, And Sold It For $340,000!

12254 Appletree Dr. Plymouth, MI 48170