A Commitment To Advocacy!

Heather Desrosiers spent 8 years working as a surgical technologist before joining Dwellings by Rudy & Hall. An outgoing, people person, Heather enjoys interacting with others and forming relationships. It was in the operating room that Heather developed skills that serve her well in her new career.   She learned to read people.  Surgeons have a saying: “Give me what I want, not what I ask for.”  Heather knows how to read people and to understand what they want even if they don’t know themselves.

Heather is new to Real Estate. After getting her license, she was hired by a nationally known brokerage.  Heather looked around and decided she wanted to be part of a team that strives to be the best. She started asking around, which led her straight to Dwellings by Rudy & Hall.

As a surgical tech, Heather was an advocate for patients who couldn’t advocate for themselves.  She carries this commitment to advocacy into her work in real estate. She takes full responsibility for client satisfaction and doesn’t take that responsibility lightly.

 A third skill that Heather learned as a surgical tech is to keep a level head under every possible kind of stress.  She’s used to putting out fires and has exceptional problem solving skills.  You might say she’s unflappable and able to find a smooth road through any obstacle. 

Heather can’t do anything mediocre.  She wants to be the absolute best at what she does.  She’ll be the best realtor for you because that’s who she is.