One of the great things about Plymouth is the great combination of classic and modern concepts. You can see this walking through downtown, seeing the historic buildings along Main Street and Penniman. These buildings have a traditional flare while housing modern restaurants and shops. One notable example of this is the Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex. Occupying the former Central Middle School (and Plymouth High School), this wonderful addition to our community houses almost 30 individual arts, recreation and educational programs. Some of these are one-off events, some are long-term tenants that provide an eclectic mix to edify curious minds.

Now, PARC is looking to restore the building they occupy, launching a $30 million campaign to that end. Many local businesses have stepped up to the plate to help. PARC will be relying as much as possible on donations, even offering naming rights to certain projects. A recent recreation services study showed some very positive trends for PARC, with 85% of township and city residents agreeing that it adds value to the community.

Personally, I feel very strongly that this is exactly the type of community venture that is worth supporting. I have always been a supporter of furthering education, especially in art. The creativity spawned in programs like the ones PARC offers enriches our community, developing minds and nurturing an innovative spirit in those that seek it.