Free Meeting To Be Held November 14th

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library will host the Downriver Arts & Crafts Guild's November meeting, which will be free to all attendees. This eclectic group of artists from across the Downriver area meet regularly the second Tuesday of every month. The artists practice with various mediums, including paint, sculpture, clay, textile, and jewelry. 

The meeting will address usual Guild business matters, and, as always, feature a presentation by one of the artists on practicing in their chosen art form. Aspiring artists and the general public are welcome. The Arts & Crafts Guild is responsible for both the Fall Festival of the Arts and Art Ambiance, two of the larger art shows in the area. 

In addition to the meetings, the guild offers various workshops for all skill levels at a low fee. They are currently accepting applications for the Downriver Arts and Crafts Holiday sale, Dec. 2nd, at the Wayne County Community College, Downriver Campus, which can be obtained at